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Every once in a while I'll pick up a disposable camera to shoot with. I dig it because 99% of the photos end up looking like shit, and shitty is kind of its own aesthetic, right? You know . . . blurry, low light, grainy, etc. The lack of control in both making the image and the outcome is its own sort of creative therapy for me.



I have a board on pinterest titled "words" where I hoard phrases, quotes, excerpts, etc. I see that make me feel something . . . anything. I often reference the collection at times when I feel others may have been able to express thoughts or feelings similar to my own more eloquently than myself.

As of late, I've turned to this source a great deal. A few people that are irreplacable in my life are experiencing an incomprehensible amount of sadness and I feel completely helpless in my ability to take away their sorrow. When I referenced my ever growing collection of internet wisdom in hope of finding some sort of language to communicate how I feel, I was reminded of how universal hurt is.

Pain is real.

It infiltrates your mind, bruises your heart, weakens your body, and exhausts your soul. It fucks with your entire existence.

I want to understand the world. I'm desperate for some sort of healing perspective on the harsh reality that the deeper we feel, the deeper it hurts.

The older I get, the less sense it makes to me—like I'm moving backwards with time. I often reflect on it all and I think about pain and what comes after it. We all have our own ways of coping: prayer, meditation, therapy, running away, giving up . . . take your pick.

But based on the hurt I've experienced in my relatively short life, no matter what route I have taken towards healing, there will always be unfillable holes and voids in my heart.

And maybe I want them there.

Maybe they make me feel alive; like I've been given the gift of truly being able to feel in this life.

Maybe time won't heal, and maybe that's okay.

But dear universe, if you could only be kinder to the ones that I love; at least for now. Let their hearts rest, if even for a moment.




Sometimes I look at an image I've made recently and realize it's a direct reflection of what my brain feels like.



Carted my camera around with me this weekend for the first time in a long time and made this random edit. A bit rusty, but feels good to be back at it.



Soooooo . . . it's another one of those times. I get super busy being booked up on styling gigs for weeks straight and I end up abandoning you, my loyal readers. Thanks to those currently sending me friendly fire e-mails about bailin' on ya'll and pressuring me to get back to posting because you have no lunch break reading material.

But, I have not forgotten about you. I'm just busy (in the most unglamorous way possible because being busy just isn't . . . glamorous?) I would love to be all Oprah-esque right now and let you see "inside my home" to make me seem like a real person that's approachable and "just like you" (blah, blah blah)—but if I showed you what my space looks like right now, bad things might happen. Really bad things. Like . . . you might think I'm a hoarder. Of paperwork. And empty drinking glasses on my nightstand. And trinkets. And receipts. Receipts are friggin' EVERYWHERE.

Speaking of receipts . . . it's 9:44p.m. on April 15th and I still need to file a tax extension. Shhh. Don't tell my pops. He would be truly dissapointed in me.

So off I go, to try and beat the deadline. I've got some great things lined up for next week. See you then. Please?



It's Friday! To be more specific, it's the third Friday of the month, which (for all of you Clevelanders) means 78th Street Studios will be open to the public tonight. Amongst many other artists in the buidling, photographer Peter Larson and painter Frank Oriti have been busy prepping their studio today to host you this evening (see polaroids above courtesy of PL).

Happy weekend!


+So, um . . . this bench. Talk about stainless steel sex appeal.

+I don't have records, but if I did, this might just be the stand I'd purchase to house them. Pricey, but a girl can dream.

+ The students at SCAD are always blowin' my mind. Check out what they're up to now.

+ I could totally get down with a pair of these transparent loafers.

+ An effective and original use of color in this old timber worker's cottage.

+ Shame spiraling about the fact that I simply can't resist sharing a buzz feed post. The 5(ish) stellar ones on this list make wasting your time on the remaining ones worth it.

+ Sharkpig designed a new studio that's weird/great. Read more about it here.

+ Want!

+ A few fun tips for photographing dogs for all my pup lovers out here!




Sunshine and pineapple—would like to see more of these two things in my life at the moment.

image source unknown



So, I'm pretty bad at Twitter, but every once in a while I check in to see if I've gained any new followers and will peruse the latest tweets. I recently discoverd that Novel, a design based studio in Denver, had started following JASPR. Upon further internet digging, I realized the man behind Novel is Jared Rippy, also the co-founder of Postscript, which I've done a post on before.

Anywho, that's kind of a long, boring explanation leading up to what this post is really about: 1. Jared Rippy is a badass and 2. How awesome are his bear illustrations?

Apparently I missed out on Rippy's 2013 project "Don't Be A Bear," during which he created an original bear illustration every day of that year. A few of my favorites are featured in this post, but please be sure to fall victim to distraction and check the rest of them out. Your productivity is expected to be sub par on Fridays, so it's 100% acceptable.